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Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas

December 10, 2016 / no comments, on Uncategorized

So Halloween is just round the corner and I have been helping a colleague to put together his Halloween costume for our yearly office Halloween party.  Every year our office throw one of the craziest party in town with spooky Halloween decorations with light effects. Not to mention the great food that follows it. Everyone dresses to kill the Halloween costume competition and win a major getaway in an equal spookier place. On top of it each year all my three bosses  with their  Halloween costume gives everyone a major competition and this adds to the fun.  We all look forward to this party all the year round.  So here is some ideas for a great Halloween costume. If you have time and are in for some fun,  than take ideas from these Halloween costumes below and you can also make up your own costume at home.


1. Greek God Halloween Costume

For this Greek god look you need a a nice tunic with a string.This 100% polyester hand wash costume include a robe and strings. You can pair it up with gladiators, arm bands and head piece and voila you are the next Greek god!  This smooth and simple look is easy to put together and will fetch you lots of compliments for pulling off this look with ease.










2. Ninja Master Halloween Costume

This Ninja costume includes tunic, pant and the hood. You can pair with any toy sword and hallelujah! Get ready for a fun filled night. This costume could could be worn to birthday parties, Halloween or any carnival or themed party. You can also wear sweater and warmer inside and keep yourself warm as well as trendy.








3.Disco Dude Halloween Costume

This disco dude costume could be put together by getting this shinning shirt which could be worn with any black bell bottom pants. For the shoes you can search at flea market any 70 style high shoe and put glitter on them.  Pair this great outfit with any hippie wig and you have a deal!









4. Vampire Halloween Costume

This Vampire Halloween costume is yet another creative idea. This cape comes with frill jacket and shirt together. Pair this cape and the frill shirt with any denims of your choice. Any simple formal shoes goes elegantly with this look. . We personally think you need the stick to complete this look. And if you are feeling too adventurous pop some vampire fang and bring the Halloween party quotient up.











5. Police Costume Set

This Police uniform comes complete in a set with shirt, pant, belt, hat, whistle and gun holster. Any formal black shoes could be paired with this one. This one is such a hit that kids are just not ready to take this one. It soon turns into their favorite costume. You can pair this costume with the handcuffs and just to add the Midas touch.








6. Little Monkey Halloween Costume

This cute little mo Halloween costume is one great creative and beautiful creation.  It will keep your furry animal warm and at the same time he will look cutest at the party.  This jumpsuit comes with easy diaper change and also the hat could be removed.








7. Huntress Halloween Costume

This exotic huntress costume comes with a tunic, cape and attached strap. You can easily pair it up with your high boots with  normal black leggings. For extra touch add these bow and arrow and you have the complete huntress look rolling in a jiff.












8. Maleficent Halloween Costume

This great maleficent Halloween costume comes with the head piece and the magnificent gown. Pair this one with your normal high heels and a wand and you are ready to rock the Disney Maleficent look with utmost conviction.











9. Bat Halloween Costume

This sexy Bat costume comes with a jacket with wings attached and the head gear. Pair this up with sexy leggings or you can also wear black slacks or pants instead. Put on your  black  boots and this look is complete in no time. Its a great idea and easily put together with basic things from our closet.









10. Gretel Halloween Costume

This super cute costume from Hansel and Gretel fairy tale is a must check out. This costume comes with the tunic and socks together.  If you want you can wear a pink petticoat underneath and it gives the best final touch to this sexy and at the same time beautiful look. Pair this with high heels and you have everyone at the party and afterwards complimenting you.