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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Women

December 12, 2016 / no comments, on Uncategorized

Taking the risk to sound too biased, I’d say women are really the easiest ones to buy gifts for. It’s surely not unnoticed how women are always shopping for something, even when they don’t need anything, and you should use that in your favor. You should know the women in your life better than I do, but I have infallible tips for perfect gift ideas for women, that always make women happy.

I could actually make an endless list of options, but I’ve come up with a top 10 that covers for most cases and will help you at any time. In all of these, you can adapt to any woman’s taste.

Gift Ideas for Women Top 1: Accessories

Accessories are always a nice way to please a woman and help her upgrade her looks. It goes from headbands to a beautiful brooch, all depending on your honoree’s style. You can even choose according to the current season, and buy nice gloves for the winter or a beautiful beach hat for the summer. The good thing about this option is that they can vary from very cheap to expressively expensive depending on what kind of gift you’re looking for.

Gift Ideas for Women Top 2: Organizational tools

Women tend to be very organized, and luckily for us there are many organizational tools these days to make this task easier. Daily planners, notepads, and Rolodexes are great to keep life organized, and they’re not too hard to find. After all, when making organization easier, you’re also helping on someone’s routine and offering something everyone loves: more free time.

Gift Ideas for Women Top 3: Cosmetics

Not every woman is crazy for cosmetics, but you should know the one you’re shopping for enough to know what she uses the most. If you’re not so sure, go for the basics like a nice body lotion, a foot cream, or a nice hair-perfume (yes, they’re a thing). When you’re attentive enough to buy the perfect shade of lipstick, it also makes for a great gift.

Gift Ideas for Women Top 4: Watches

Even though watches are a genderless gift, you can make it very particular looking for a fine piece. Watches adorned with stones and little details usually make women’s eyes shine. And if your target is a sporty woman, you can adapt it to a nice sports watch, with GPS and heart rate monitor.

Gift Ideas for Women Top 5: Cooking books and supplies

If you’ve noticed this woman’s interest in cooking, don’t be afraid to look sexist and go wild finding unique cooking books and useful supplies. People usually go for the traditional books, and when we are looking for a special recipe they end up being hard to find. Books with the cuisine of eccentric countries, offered with cool new kitchen supplies, are a special treat that should make your kitchen-friendly woman excited to experiment something new!

Gift Ideas for Women Top 6: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has turned out to be one of the nicest ways we women have found to pamper ourselves. At the end of a difficult day, relaxing to a pleasant aroma around the house makes all the stress go away. For this idea, you can either search for nice candles or aromatized oils for diffusers. Every time you offer a relaxing time to a woman, you’re making her life better.

Gift Ideas for Women Top 7: Sunglasses

For those who are confident enough to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for each woman’s face shape, I’d say they’re the perfect gift. They’re an accessory, improving the whole look; they’re useful at most times of the year; and they come in all colors and shapes, making it almost impossible not to find a model that would fit well.

Gift Ideas for Women Top 8: Jewelry

I’d rather sin with the truism than to not mention jewelry! They’re too meaningful not to be taken into consideration, and it’s not even about the price. Women wear jewelry most likely every day, and when you wear a piece a dear someone gave you, it’s like carrying that person along everywhere. It doesn’t have to be big and showy – but it can be if you wish – , but it has to have something to do with this woman you’re giving it to. By a woman’s style, you’re able to identify what kind of jewelry she’d gladly wear.

Gift Ideas for Women Top 9: Books

When you’re comfortable enough around this woman’s interests, you should try and find her a book. Books are a gateway to a new world and new discoveries, and offering that is a mindscape that will be highly appreciated. Professionals books are a good option, especially for women who are always looking for career improvements; and inspirational books are a timeless way to be supportive and show how amazed you are by what this woman has accomplished and can achieve.

Gift Ideas for Women Top 10: Flowers

It’s very rare to find a woman who doesn’t like flowers, and even those who don’t care as much see the gesture with good eyes. Flowers have been historically contextualized as the perfect gift to express feelings, and you can find the ones that better show what you want to display. Either being long-stemmed or a nice little bouquet; red, white or bright colorful; they represent good intentions and bring a delicious fragrance.

Choose your gift with love

Following this lead, you have an easier path for when you feel completely lost with gift ideas for women. I’m sure you know the women in your life well enough to adapt these tips and make your search easier. All you must take into consideration when shopping for a gift is what you want to express with it. All your good feelings will take you to the perfect find, and gifts given with a good motive can never go wrong.

As women always pay attention to details, don’t forget to add a beautifully handwritten card, and to make a nice packaging. I promise the effort won’t pass unnoticed.