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Incredible Christmas gift ideas to impress

December 7, 2016 / no comments, on Uncategorized

Ah, the Holiday Season! The time of the year we actually get to gather around and show our appreciation for those we love.
Not that you can’t do it at anytime, but most of us live a pretty hectic life, with strict schedules and several obligations, hardly ever finding time to spend with our family and friends, even on the weekends. So, that’s what the Holiday Season ends up being for! It’s the perfect time of the year for us to pay the deserved attention to those who surround us, and dedicate some time to cherish them.
I even feel like we have advanced more and more the beginning of the Holiday Season along the years, such is the anxiety for this magical Christmas feeling to begin!
So, let’s start by finding ways to show our gratitude, with meaningful tokens of our love! It’s not about the price tag, or the size of the gift, I’ll give you awesome Christmas gift ideas, that will warm up your beloved ones’ hearts.

Bake and make

If you’re comfortable enough to use your handy skills, these are some great Christmas gift ideas for everyone:

Pillow talk

Write on a piece of paper a nice note you’d like to offer to someone. Get a plain pillowcase, a fabric pen, and transfer the message to the center of the pillowcase. If you’re a little insecure to do it freestyle, make a draft with a pencil, and then finalize with your chosen fabric pen. You can erase the pencil sketch with a rubber, if necessary. Make sure it’s well dry before you wrap it!
– Alternative version: If you have kids, ask them to draw on the pillowcase. It’s the perfect gift for their grandparents!

Love jar

Get a mason jar, and fill it with short love notes, all handwritten. To give it a nicer touch, find different colored pieces of paper to write on, and tie a nice bow around the jar.
– Alternative version: If you’re up to writing 365 little notes, you can add instructions for the messages to be read one per day, and make your gift last until the next Christmas!

Baking it perfect

Keep the empty tin when you buy cookies, and fill it with homemade gingerbread ones! Any easy recipe works, as long as you make them yourself, filled with love. Put them nicely in the tin and wrap it with a beautiful gift wrapping paper.
– Alternative version: Make a nice collage around the tin with Christmas motifs and images to make it even more personal.

Knuckle tattoo gloves

Choose any pair of knit gloves, pick your favorite eight-letter expression, and embroider it to the gloves’ fingers. To make sure it looks well positioned on the fingers, wear the gloves and mark the letters with a chalk pencil first.
– Alternative version: If you’re making them for a child, you can embroider a sweet nickname of your choice.

DIY Soaps

It’s pretty easy to find soap making kits, that you can use with any soap molds you want. Make sure you pick the person’s favorite fragrance, and a mold with a lovely Christmas theme. Silicon ice trays work just as good!
– Alternative version: You can make candles too, with the same fragrance, and offer a nice bath kit.

Smart Christmas gift ideas Shopping

You probably have already found yourself out of Christmas gift ideas after many years of searching the perfect find. These are some tips to help you think out of the box:

New-old favorites

We all have our favorite pieces in our wardrobes: a shirt with a perfect fit, shoes so comfortable they’ve walked everywhere, a wallet with the perfect number of slots for all your credit cards… Notice your dear ones’ favorites, and try to find them to buy new. Some are easily found but forgotten to be replaced, and you’ll sure make an impression for being thoughtful!
– Alternative version: Some items are too unique to be found to buy, but you can offer to repair them and make them new again. If you’re close enough, you can borrow in secret and return it improved at Christmas. Some jewelry pieces look as good as new with a polishment, for example.

Season treats box

With winter coming, some elements become essential. Gather a box of winter treats like a wool cap, a scarf, warm socks, lip balm, a nice mug for hot cocoa nights and a soft warm blanket for those couch-potato days.
– Alternative version: Include a Netflix or Itunes gift card to ensure the movies for cold days.

Starting hobby kit

We all tend to postpone starting a new hobby we’re interested in. Why not offering the starting item to motivate your friends and family to start something they’ve been wanting to? A knitting kit, with needles and skeins; a tasting beer set, with a collection of nice local beers; a fishing set, with a fishing rod and supplies; a gardening kit, with shovels and scissors. Just make sure you’re not imposing a hobby, pick something the person is really interested in.
– Alternative version: If the person already has found the perfect hobby, you can still motivate it with new items.

Start a new collection (or improve an existing one)

Most people have a favorite band, film director, or writer, but only actually own part of their work. Find out people’s favorites and start a small collection, or improve their collections with new titles. Buy three books of their favorite author, or the first movies of their favorite director, or some albums of their favorite singer. You may even enjoy the music or films together as well.
– Alternative version: Some masterpieces are relaunched in special editions. The first edition of a book, or celebrating editions of a movie make great gifts!

Taste of childhood

Christmas traditions often involve food that can be ordered and purchased. Maybe a cake from a particular bakery, or pancakes from the diner right-around-the-corner. If you have the chance to find those, bringing those childhood memories back will definitely make it a special time!
– Alternative version: If this is a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, you can always call their families and get these information. You may end up impressing their families too!

Special long-lasting gifts

Sometimes creating a new memory is the best you can do to make this time of the year unforgettable. Finding a nice photographer to do a nice photo session of you and your esteemed ones is the perfect way to keep the love registered forever.
And if money is not a problem, a piece of jewelry is always a beautiful gift. Make it tasteful and personal, and you cannot go wrong!

Of course there are no perfect formulas, and you should be the one to know what works better to make smile those you want to please. But I hope these Christmas gift ideas serve you well, or even give you other ideas that result in finding the perfect gifts!
At the end of it, what really matters is that you show your thankfulness for being able to spend such magical time of the year with those that make your days better all year long!