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Anniversary Ideas

December 12, 2016 / no comments, on Uncategorized

Anniversaries are unique dates, perfect for demonstrating appreciation for a whole year a couple has spent together. When you dedicate time finding the perfect gift for your other half, you show how much your care about your relationship. You can go traditional or modern on this, but the important here is to show you know your husband/wife well enough to pick amazing Anniversary Ideas!

It doesn’t matter if this is the first or the sixtieth anniversary you celebrate, every year is a new opportunity to rejoice the love and complicity shared!

Don`s get stuck with ideas – here you find great Anniversary Ideas

I know though that some people get stuck with ideas, and that has nothing to do with lack of love. So, I’m gonna help you with anniversary ideas on what to do, and what not to do, to make sure your celebration date doesn’t end up in divorce! I suggest both inexpensive gestures and some over-the-top ideas, because what really matters is to express your feelings of gratitude in your best way.

Best Anniversary gift ideas

Even if you’re one of those couples who loves sharing gifts out of occasions, this one deserves some extra attention.

If you need inspiration on gifts for your soulmate, these 5 special tips serve well for both men and women:

Matching Wedding Anniversary

Look up which wedding anniversary you’re celebrating this year, and use that as an inspiration. The first year anniversary, for example, is called Paper Anniversary, and that leads to ideas like books, nice printings of anything dear to the couple, or even just a nice letter beautifully framed. When you have a theme in mind, you’re ahead of the game.

Honeymoon time

Give yourselves a new honeymoon! It doesn’t matter how long ago the last one was, every couple is always in need of a relaxing time to enjoy each other’s company without the hassles of a daily routine. Take your partner to a place you both have always wanted to visit, and surprise him/her with the tickets. In case buying tickets is too much for the time, just book a nice hotel in your own town. Changing airs works wonders to one’s mind and soul, and you don’t even have to go that far for that.

Loving Matching Items

Personalized matching items are always too sweet to pass up. If you get coordinating coffee cups representing each one’s personalities, it will make it for an affectionate detail present every morning. To make the baths shared together even more loving, you can buy smooth monogrammed robes.

These ideas can even be done by yourself and you’ll spend close to nothing; all you gotta do is embroider existent robes or write on plain mugs with special pens.

Memories Album

Take some time to gather around everything related to you both and your relationship to create an album to be kept for posterity. Put together the most important photos of your history, find the tickets of a trip you two took together, search for your favorite dishes’ recipes, glue it all to a plain notebook, and use creativity to make a nice collage for the cover. On each page, add little notes along with the memories, sharing what you remember from that specific time.

If you’re not crafty enough for this one, you can bring it all to be digitized and put into a book at a print shop.

Good-old jewelry

A fine piece of jewelry is the safest kind of gift, but can never be underestimated You just can’t go wrong finding a token to be carried on for years to come, with the perks of working for both men and women. A nice delicate ring to be worn with the wedding ring is an adorable surprise for a woman; and a nicely made bracelet with the initials of both the two can be the perfect alternative for a man.

Worst Anniversary Ideas

It’s common sense a dedicated husband or wife will never mess up with their anniversary, as even a perfect year together can be ruined by a lousy gift.

Whether the anniversary ideas work for you or not, you must keep in mind this list of what not to do to keep living happily ever after:

It’s not the time for a new TV

Appliances are never a good anniversary idea. Even if you both want a new TV, or a fancy coffee machine, buy it on another occasion – or out of occasion -, but make sure you take this opportunity to buy something personal. This is your chance to show your companion you care about his/her well-being, and if the gift can be used by anyone in the house, it doesn’t count as a gift.

 Enough with the gift cards

Gift cards should actually be in every list of what-not-to-buy to anyone. Seriously, the lack of commitment you show when you offer a gift card is heartbreaking. Take the chance to go shopping and search for anything that would make the other person smile – it shouldn’t be that hard. Buying anything is always better than just not buying anything at all.

Search for something singular

When you’re in a relationship, the ideal should be that this is a unique person for you, and so should the anniversary ideas for him/her be. You may have found a treat that all the women or men in your life have loved, and so you have the impression it would be a safe call. But the truth is once your wife or husband realizes that other people deserved the same exact gift, they will certainly be upset with a purpose. Your gift should be as exclusive as your relationship.

Plan Anniversary Ideas early

Last minute gifts usually don’t turn out great. An anniversary only happens once a year, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find time to dedicate to such special date. Don’t leave it to the last minute, as chances are you won’t be able to find anything interesting. Plan to set aside more than enough time, so you don’t have to rush on the details.

Never forget to buy a gift

Even with so many ways you can go wrong, the ultimate way to ruin it is really not getting anything. Both men and women expect anniversaries to be celebrated, and swapping gifts is part of how to show what you mean to one another. When you show up with nothing in hands, it’s like saying the last year passed unnoticed.

Take time and think about what the anniversary means to you and find good Anniversary Ideas. On a nice anniversary celebration, gifts are exchanged, a singular moment is shared, and that feeling re-ignites the feelings for a whole new year of love, cherish and delights.

Don’t forget to add a nice card with words that come from your heart, make a nice package, and along with these anniversary ideas you should guarantee completeness for many years to come!