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5 Best Ways To Present Your Christmas Gift

December 12, 2016 / no comments, on Uncategorized

When you’re as excited as I am about giving Christmas gifts, finding the perfect treat is never enough. The way you present it is part of the plan, especially if you adore surprising those you love. When you arrange a special christmas gift revelation, not only you make the moment even more significant, you also build a memory that will be always attached to what’s being offered. And what’s more Christmassy than rare memories?

Creative ways to present your Christmas gift

Now, I know you can’t wait to see your family and friends’ faces when they open their gifts, so while you build anticipation for that moment, I’m gonna help you find a unique way to present your treats. With a bit of creativity and effort, you won’t have to settle for presenting your Christmas gift without a touch of magic! I hope I get to inspire you enough to transform the act of giving and receiving gifts into a big event!

Scavenger hunt

Bring your beloved ones’ inner child out preparing a fun scavenger hunt! Create cute notes, interesting hints and make it as interesting as you can to build an excitement that ends on a high note. You may use personal details to unroll the play, including songs that are memorable for the two of you, places you’ve visited together, and details of a long distant memory. As the person works to discover the clues, you’ll be bringing up remembrances that will make this moment really extraordinary.

If you’re planning this for kids, include all the fun games they like, make them recite poetry, sing a song, and you can even include people who are not present to participate, making them call them for new tips. I’m sure it will be fun for everyone involved!

Unsuspected participant

Of course, when people know you enough they will know to expect a Christmas gift from you. The key to this surprise then is to make it come at an unexpected time, through an unsuspected person. It can be their bosses, the one who serves them coffee in the morning, their best friend, or even a total stranger in the street (please make sure you’re safe enough that they won’t run away with the gift!).

This one becomes easier if you use a delivery service from the store you’ve purchased the gift, and even though it misses out on the surprise-person matter, it still makes the delivering time incredible.

Present to pieces

In case your gift can be divided into parts, it can be interesting to handle it at separate times, in different ways. You can hide each part in obvious spots around the house, making it easy to find; or have different people deliver it during the day. When possible, you should be the one to handle the very last piece.

The pieces may also be an introduction to the gift. Let’s say the gift is a special dinner, you can deliver a whole outfit for the person to wear at it during the day, and finish it with the date invitation itself. Or if you’re offering a spa day, you can deliver a robe and a nice embroidered towel, before handling the actual gift. The important part on this one is that every piece is related to a bigger part in a special way, making the opening-gift feeling last for hours, with your adored one never knowing when to expect the next step!

Set the mood

To create a particular environment, handle instructions to the opening with your gift. The delivery can be done by yourself, or anyone else, but they gotta make sure the steps are taken before the unwrapping. Set the perfect song, or select a few photos that lead to what’s inside the box. You can also record a video as an introduction to the gift; either creating a tribute to the person, or telling the story of how you found and picked that gift.

If it’s something you’ve made yourself, you can record the process and present it before showing the final result. The video will show all the dedication needed to achieve the expected results., and if you include the struggles and errors you also guarantee some laughter!

Despicable box

Find the box of anything this person would really dislike (but would be too embarrassed to tell you!). Wrap it nicely to make it even less suspicious, and also to build hopes up. If you want to add some fun to it, make the box larger than needed and put smaller boxes inside; watching people unwrap one box inside another is always funny.

You can also mess with the receiver using the real box of your gift, but replacing the content inside with something disappointing. The moment you handle the real gift will then be a big shock!

Extra tip for giving your Christmas Gift

An easy way to use the surprise element is to make the person stumble upon your gift at the least expected moment – please make sure no gifts get kicked by accident! -, turning an ordinary time into a festive moment. Place your gift at his/her favorite spot in the house, and watch a smile of enchantment and joy happen!

What I always take into consideration is that when you’re handing out your Christmas gift, details matter. A nice wrapping, a beautiful bow, and even a scent added to the package make any little souvenir a big gift. You can create your own packing with photos, a dear song lyric print out, or a nice collage. Kids love to see their names on their gifts, so if you add crafted sparkly letters to their packages you’ll be hitting the nail on the head.

And if none of these ideas apply to your case, use Santa’s trick, and hide the gift under the tree! Placing boxes while your loved ones sleep is a truly magic moment, and seeing their faces brighten up in the morning is what a fascinating Christmas morning is about!